With our guests in mind, Willa Wzgórze Poręba has made available a Finnish sauna.

We invite all our guests to relax in our sauna after an exhausting day.

The sauna is an excellent means of hardening and caring for the body, also used in treating certain functional ailments and disturbances of the organism: muscle pain, problems with blood circulation, respiratory and immune system. In addition, it purifies, firms and increases skin flexibility, as well as removes toxins from the organism, and enhances its immunity.

It widens blood vessels, boosts blood flow in central and peripheral vessels, improves blood supply to tissues, increases percutaneous ridding of toxins, heightens body temperature, stimulates the immune system and organism immunity, purifies and restores patency of respiratory tracts, enlarges respiratory minute volume, lessens tension of bronchial smooth muscles, lessens tension of skeletal muscles, accelerates pulse rate, enhances metabolism and capacity for exercise, stimulates secretion of endorphins, reduces subcutaneous adipose tissue.